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The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) and our answers. If this page is not enough, please call us on 021 2867-1066 or 0812-8883-0632 between 8:30 and 17:00 Jakarta time on weekdays (Monday-Saturday).

Are there ready workers?

All workers who appear on this site are available (ready) or immediately available. All of them are ready to order. We have asked the agencies to immediately take down (delete) the listings of those already taken / recruited or resigning.

I want to order, what is the procedure?

If you want to order a worker, click "Order Now" on his/her profile page. After that, his/her agency will contact you to provide interview and recruitment opportunities. We will also send you an email message containing the agency's name, phone number, and address.

Alternative procedure: register and log in to view contact details on the profile page of each worker and then contact the agency directly by phone.

Click How to Use This Website if you are a new visitor.

I want to recruit, what is the cost?

The cost of hiring consists of this site's service fee of IDR 200,000 / order and the administration fee. The amount of administration fee appears on the profile of each worker. The fee represents compensation for the servicing agency (agency fee), excluding transportation costs if you do not pick up the workers at their locations.

You can avoid the site fee by becoming a member (register here). Members can call the agencies directly to order as many workers as possible. See membership fees here.

Can I interview the workers before ordering?

Similar question: I want to ask something about workers, how?

Members can interview workers before ordering. Sign up your membership here. Once your account is active, sign in to see the agency's phone numbers on the profile of each worker. Call the numbers to request an interview.

If you are not a member, you need to order first to be able to interview or get more information about certain workers. To do so, click "Order Now" on their profile pages. "Order" here is not a commitment to recruit. We will only connect you with the agencies so that you are free to ask questions.

Can I interview more than one candidate at a time?

Yes, you can. Sign up and login first. Then, contact the agencies of the workers whom you want to interview. Ordering several workers at once can also be done on this form.

Will I definitely get the workers I ordered?

In accordance with article 23 of the site's Terms and Conditions, workers listed on this site are available based on data from their agencies. We do not guarantee that these workers will be available and willing to work for you. Workers have the right to choose Employers in the same way as you have the right to choose Workers. Other people can also recruit them before you do. If the worker you ordered is no longer available, you can replace your order with another.

How do I change my orders? Do I get charged again?

If the workers you ordered are not available for any reason or you are not pleased with them after the interviews, then you can change your orders free of charge by contacting us and mentioning the names of the replacement workers. Terms for changing orders:

1. no worker has been recruited;
2. changes interval is at least 30 minutes;
3. available for 30 days from order.

Don't place a new order or click "Order Now" when trying to change an order. Please remember, we process one replacement at a time. If you ask several people at once, only one is processed per order.

How do I activate my account?

To activate a new account or renew an expired one, see how to do so here. We process an account activation within 30 minutes of business hours, after the payment has been received. To create a new account, click Register.

I am already a member. Why do I still have to pay the ordering fee?

Membership and online ordering are two different products. See product details here. For those who register as members, find the agency data (including addresses and telephone numbers) on the profile of each worker. You can order directly from agencies to avoid the cost of online ordering. For those who do not want to register as members, or have signed up but want to enjoy the convenience of online ordering, please directly click "Order Now" on the profile you are interested in.

Where is the location?

Workers' locations are listed on their respective profiles. Click the name, photo or "See More" to see the worker's profile. Please note that workers are spread out in many locations. Our office is located at Jalan Bulog 2 No. 3, Jatimelati Sub-District, Pondok Melati District, Bekasi City.

How much are the salaries and administration fees?

The salaries and administration fees are listed in the wokers' profiles. Click How to Use This Website if you are a new visitor.

Are administration fees and salaries negotiable?

Administration fees and salaries displayed on are fixed prices. However, if you still want to bargain, please try it at the interview.

What does the warranty (for example, 3 months) mean?

Warrantees are available to make sure you get the workers you expect during a certain period. If a worker dies, resigns or in other ways does not meet your expectations within the warranty period, then you can ask for a replacement at no additional cost. You can also return him/her and get your money back under certain conditions. Ask and agree to these terms when seeing the agency.

What do you mean by the number of different stars next to the worker's name?

1 star = not able
2 stars = not proficient
3 stars = quite proficient
4 stars = proficient
5 stars = very proficient

Their agencies assign the ratings, but you can verify them during the interviews.

Do all workers have good behavior?

We provide columns for police letters and doctor's letters. If the person has a clean police certificate (SKCK), then the agency can fill the relevant column with "Berkelakuan Baik" (Has Good Behavior). Likewise with the doctor's letter, the agency can fill in the column with "Berbadan Sehat" (Has Good Health) if the person brings a certificate of health from the doctor. In general, we have designed our system to be safe for you. Read the full description.

Is this site safe?

Reputation is very important to us. Since this site opened in June 2013, there has been no testimony on social media or the Internet that has deceived its users. If any, please contact us. To ensure that agency services are also safe, we conduct verification, monitoring, and mediation. In other words, we check the identities and addresses of all participating agencies, monitor their performances, and mediate complaints. We reprimand and if necessary remove agencies who appear to have bad intentions from the website. Also read Safety Is Our Priority.

Can the agencies here be trusted?

We have verified the identity and address of the agency so that users of this site are protected from fictitious dealer crime. We send them registered letters, and selectively visit their offices. We monitor their performance based on customer reports. We are closing accounts of agencies who are not in good faith. However, we cannot guarantee they are 100% trustworthy. Read Tips for Safe Transactions.

I want to exchange the workers that I have recruited. What should I do?

Contact the relevant agency to exchange or replace workers you have recruited. You must obey the agreement you made when recruiting them and settle all matters with the agency / worker. Usually there is a conditional warranty period agreed by the agency with the employer, so you can only exchange the worker within the warranty period and according to the agreed terms.

How to claim a refund, and how many days is the process?

To submit a refund, please click Contact Us. On the form, select the subject of Refund and provide your bank account details (bank name, branch name, account number, recipient name) and the claim amount.

We process refund requests that meet refund requirements within 2 (two) business days. The requirements are set out in Article 16 of the Terms and Conditions.

Are domestic helpers available to work in Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore?

We apologize we are unable to take orders from overseas. is the portal of domestic workers for Indonesian market only.

If you are an overseas agency looking for Indonesian partners licensed to send workers to your countries, please see the list here.

I don't have a credit card and want to pay via transfer. Where do I send my payment?

The following is our bank account data:

- Bank: Mega Bank
- Branch: Pondok Gede, Bekasi
- Number: 011840011000573
- Name: PT Nasco International

- Bank BCA
- Branch: Pondok Gede, Bekasi
- Number: 6870731378
- Name: Julia (commissioner)

Add the last 3 digits of your phone number to the amount you paid to make it easier for us to recognize. For example, if your telephone number is 0812 131 5100 and you want to transfer IDR 200,000, then transfer IDR 200,100. Also, when making a manual payment please let us know on the Contact Us form.

I already made a payment. Where do I confirm?

Online payment does not need confirmation, we will process it directly. Confirm manual payments (ATM, transfer, m-banking) on the Contact Us form. On the subject line, select Payment. On the message line, write the amount paid.

How do you file a complaint and get the solution?

If you have a complaint to report, follow the guideline in the Complaint Center.

My questions are not here. How do I get answers?

If you get here after writing a question but can't find the answer on this page, please call the number above because we cannot contact the questioner one by one.

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