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The Escrow Service Is Available for Security

2019-09-25 10:58:25 Diterbitkan oleh: Nas Zakaria

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The Escrow Service (also known as "joint account") from is available as a solution for those dealing with distant agencies. customers may now enjoy this service from anywhere.

What Is Escrow

Escrow is a service where the employer pays the agreed administration fees and other funds (Deposit Money) to the account of first. Once the employer has received the worker, we will release the money to the agency. In contrast to COD (cash on delivery), in escrow services the money is not given directly to the agency but via

Below is a brief illustration of the escrow service:

1. Employer pays to Escrow
2. Agency delivers the worker to employer
3. Escrow pays to the agency

Why Escrow

The reason for using Escrow is the security of employer's money. If the agency fails to deliver the worker according to the order, then the Deposit Money cannot be collected by the agency. Instead, the money still belongs to the employer. This is clearly regulated in the Procedures and Terms of Escrow that are binding on employers, agencies, and

How to Order the Escrow Service

Before enjoying this service, tell the agency about your intention to use the Escrow Service from When you have agreed with the agency, complete the Escrow Service Request form. From there, our staff will guide your transaction from start to finish. 

The Escrow Service Fee

The escrow service fee is only IDR 200,000 per worker (non-refundable). Agencies are also charged, but the amount is smaller. There is an incentive to pay the fee on the agency side, i.e. to increase orders from customers who cannot be reached without Escrow facilities.

How to Claim the Deposit Money

If the transaction is successful, we will send the Deposit Money to the agency via bank transfer without a claim process. Conversely, if the transaction is not successful, we will return the Deposit Money to the employer, also without a claim process. This means that the transfer of funds will take place automatically after we find out that the transaction has been successful or not. Note that transactions can fail for various reasons. For example, workers who have been ordered are sick or resigning during the escrow process.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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