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Use InstantReplace™ for Convenience

2021-10-13 00:00:00 Diterbitkan oleh: Nas Zakaria
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InstantReplaceInstantReplace™ is the solution in the household sector. With this service, employers who order maids, baby sitters and others on can get replacement workers instantly in the warranty periods. Members who order directly from the agencies (not via the web) may also use this facility.

To order InstantReplace, click here.

Product Description

InstantReplace™ works when the employer asks for a replacement. The agency will offer some replacement candidates he has. But if the agency cannot provide any substitute, then the employer can choose one from other agencies on We will transfer the administration fee that has been received by the former agency to the latter company.

The employer gets a new contract (warranty period reset) from the new supplier. The old agency is deemed to have fulfilled his obligations to the employer with the transfer.


For this service, the employer will need to pay a fee of IDR 300,000 (non-refundable) per order.


InstantReplace™ came to service due to many complaints from employers who had to wait for replacement workers. On the one hand, agencies were willing to provide replacements. But on the other hand, he did not have them at all or had some but were not compatible with the returned workers. About 80% of employer complaints we received were due to the late availability of replacement workers in the warranty periods. The presence of domestic workers for most employers has become a primary need today.


1. The employer orders an instant replacement or InstantReplace™ here.

2. We contact the former agency to confirm that the worker has left the employer's place, the employer has settled the salary and other obligations, the employer is entitled to a replacement, and there has been no substitute available since the worker's termination. If we don't hear any objection, we will immediately connect the employer with agency of the substitute worker. If we do, we will mediate them first.

3. The employer interviews and hires the new worker. If he/she is not happy with the initial candidate, the employer can interview more candidates (until he/she is happy).

4. The employer tells the name of the chosen worker and the amount of administration fee and transportation expense charged by the new agency.

5. bails out administration fee and transportation expense charged by the new agency (the amount is in accordance with the provisions below.)

6. We invoice the the former agency for the bailout. Our invoice falls due in 2 (two) weeks.

Terms and Conditions

If an employer orders the InstantReplace service on, then the following conditions apply:

1. Replacement of workers that meets the warranty provisions will be provided instantly (as soon as possible) as long as other workers are available on this site. The employer will select a replacement worker from the former agency's inventory first. If there is no substitute there, then the employer can choose it from other agencies on

2. The cost of taking replacement workers from the other agency on is borne by the former agency as long as the costs (administration and transportation) are not greater than the administration fee already paid by the employer. If there is a difference, the excess costs will be borne by the employer, but the excess money will not be returned to the employer.

3. The agency concerned hereby authorizes to facilitate the InstantReplace™ process including covering the costs of taking replacement workers. Warranty obligations of the former agency void after he pays the bailout.


Provision No. 1 requires the employer to choose a replacement from the former agency's inventory first. In other words, InstantReplace™ is not a shortcut to replace an agency. If the agency has offered an equivalent replacement for the terminated worker but the employer has delayed accepting it or even refused it, then InstantReplace™ cannot be processed.

A checklist of the requirements is available on the order page.

How to Order

To order InstantReplace, click here.

Validity Period

The InstantReplace™ approval is valid for only 1 (one) week from the date of the approval email. If the employer does not take a replacement worker within 1 (one) week, then he needs to order InstantReplace™ again. The replacement worker cannot be taken before InstantReplace™ has been approved, either.

More Info

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