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Order Terms

1. Workers listed on this site are available based on data from their agencies. We do not guarantee that these workers will be available and willing to work for you. They have the right to choose the employers as you have the right to choose them. Other people can also recruit them before you do. If the worker you have ordered is no longer available, you can change your order with another.

2. Your orders also represent a request to the agencies. They have the right to decline your orders after obtaining your data.

3. By ordering, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Ordering Fees

The cost of hiring a worker via the "Order Now" botton (one-time fees) consists of:

1. service (IDR 200,000);
2. Agency administration (in the worker's profile).

For example, the agency administration fee is IDR 1,800,000. Then the breakdown of costs for recruiting the worker becomes:

- service: IDR 200,000
- Agency administration: IDR 1,800,000

Total: IDR 2,000,000

The example above is an illustration. The administration fee is on the profile page of each worker. You will also be charged transportation expenses if you don't pick up the workers at their current locations. The locations are on their profile pages.

Changing Orders

You can replace your orders free of charge by contacting us and mentioning the names of replacement workers. Terms for changing orders:

1. no worker has been recruited;
2. changes interval is at least 30 minutes;
3. available for 30 days from order.

Business Hours

Your order is processed during our working hours (8.00-17.00 WIB) from Monday through Saturday (except holidays). Orders that are paid after 17.00 WIB on Saturday will be processed on Monday.

We look forward to your order.

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