Why Order on Pembantu.com?

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1. Update & many choices
Need trained and qualified house maids, baby sitters, toddler sitters, senior caregivers, gardeners, drivers, and more? More than 150 agencies update this site and offer as many workers as possible. You can select and recruit the best. No other site provides as many choices as we do.

2. Agencies verified
We have verified the identities and addresses of all agencies listing on this site. If you order assistants online carelessly, then you are at risk of dealing with either a fictitious agency or a real one but with an unknown address. Meanwhile, your transaction here is safe because all agencies have been verified. For maximum safety, click here.

3. Agencies monitored
We apply procedures to ensure that our member agencies provide good services. If you find a rogue agency, you can report it to us. If you trade with an agency without our involvement and later get into trouble, then you are stuck in the hands of that agency. On this site, we follow up your complaints to completion.

4. InstantReplace™
If you order elsewhere, there is usually a problem when you want to replace workers during the warranty period. The most common issue is there is no replacement stock. But here, hundreds of agencies team up to provide the replacements instantly. With InstantReplace™, you can take new workers from any member agency.

5. Money back guarantee
You can directly click "Order Now" in the worker profile that interests you. The agency will contact you to discuss further processes, such as interviews and recruitment. If you do not end up recruiting, then the Pembantu.com service fee that has been paid can be claimed 100% up to 30 days from order.

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