Agency Membership

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Agency membership is available in two package options:

(1) Standard (IDR 300,000/year);
(2) Premium (IDR 1,950,000/year).

With any package, you can upload as many workers as possible.

To activate the agency account, make a payment according to the package option to BCA Bank, Pondokgede branch, Bekasi, for account number 6870731378 in Julia's name. The membership fee is non-refundable.

Why Need to Be Premium?

With the Premium package, you get two benefits:

1) the "Trusted" badge and the words "This agency is ligitimate and licensed" under the name and address of your company (if you provide the required documents);

2) You may send workers throughout Indonesia (note: standard agencies may only list workers for their own territory). Thus, you will get more opportunities than standard agencies.

Note: the definition of "territory" is the province in which the agency is domiciled, with two exceptions: (1) Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, South Tangerang and Bekasi (known as Jabodetabek) are considered one territory; and (2) Central Java and Yogyakarta are considered one territory.

How to Register for Standard Membership

1. Click Register aand select the IDR 300,000 package.

2. Make a payment of IDR 300,000 to the above bank account.

3. Send the scanned files via email to [email protected]

Standard agency file requirements:
1. Identification card (KTP)
2. The front cover of the bankbook

How to Register for Premium Membership

1. Register as a premium agency by:

- choosing the package of IDR 1,950,000 upon new registration or
- contacting us to notify about the Premium Package (current member).

2. Make the payment of IDR 1,950,000 to the above bank account.

3. Send the scanned files via email to [email protected]

Premium agency file requirements:
1. KTP
2. The front cover of your bankbook
3. One of the following documents:
    - Trading Business License (SIUP)*;
    - Work Training Institution License (LPK);
    - Permit as Workers Agency;
    - Permit as Domestic Workers Agency (LP-PRT).

*Specifically for workforce placement

Semi-premium: If you want to send workers out of your territory but do not meet all of the premium requirements, you can still register as a premium agency but cannot get the "Trusted" badge and the license tagline. Your file requirements are KTP, the bankbook cover, and a Domicile Certificate. The price of this package is the same as the price of the premium package.

The account activation process of an agency account may take up to two working days after we have received your complete files and payment.

Additional Requirements

The use of legal entities (CV, PT, Foundation, Cooperative) as the business names must be supported by notarial deeds and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MOJ)'s decrees. Old legal entities that do not have the MOJ decrees can replace them with Business Identification Numbers. If your name does not appear as a member of management in the above legal documents, attach a power of attorney from the management. The legality files are not required if the business name used does not represent a legal entity.

Employer Membership