Nanny Agencies for Expatriates in Jakarta

Finding a good nanny in Jakarta used to be a challenge. But now, there is a website called that aggregates nannies, maids, drivers, etc. in one place. Click here to choose and hire nannies online. Learn how to sort nannies who understand English and those who don't. The search guideline is here. Chat with any available agent (orange icon on the page corner) if you still can't figure out how to filter them.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that their agencies also speak fair English, otherwise you will be in trouble when you want to complain as no one will answer.

Nanny agencies in Jakarta

Below are a few nanny agencies in Jakarta whose owners or managers speak English. Use them if you wish to find a nanny and get good service in terms of communication. As a precaution, we must remind you that this list is not a recommendation from us (you are responsible for your transactions with them). We have provided some tips for safe transactions below.

The list is also not meant to be comprehensive. To see the full list of available nannies (instead of agencies), visit our Homepage.

♣ Tips for Safe Transactions

No. 1
Name : PT Permata Kasih Bunda
Address : Jalan Mesjid Bendungan 2 No. 18A, RT 002 RW 007, Kel. Kramat Jati, Cawang, Jakarta Timur
Phone/Mobile :


Availability :

House maids and baby sitters

Description : The owner used to work in Hong Kong. Many of her nannies are former migrant workers, most of whom undertand English by experience
No. 2
Name : PT Gomaid Indonesia Sejahtera (Go Maid Agency)
Address : Rukan Golden 8, Jl. Panjang No. 8D Lt. 2 Kedoya Utara, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat
Phone/Mobile :


Availability :

House maids and Baby sitters

Description : The owner speaks fluent English. The company focuses on serving expatriate families
No. 3
Name : PT Suragung Global Pacific
Address : Jalan Intan RSPP No. 7A, RT 007 RW 002, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan
Phone/Mobile :


Availability :

House maids and Baby sitters

Description : The company has been providing services to English speaking and non-English speaking foreign families

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Nanny vs baby sitter

The term "nanny" is commonly understood in Indonesia, especially among the local agencies, as a toddler sitter (nanny synomym). Toddler usually refers to kids of 2 to 6 years (pre-school ages). In contrast, baby sitters refer to guardians of those between 0 and 2 years old. We have learned that these definitions contradict the common use elsewhere. Most web pages define "nanny" as a person who acts more than sitting a child but rather also taking care of its education. Unlike nannies, baby sitters address the physical needs of minor individuals. Other literature contrasts nanny vs baby sitter as follows: the former being on a long-term while the latter on a short-term assignment. To avoid confusion, the term "nanny" is no longer used on this site beyond this page. To see the profiles of all baby sitters, click here. For toddler sitters, click here.

What is a nanny expected to do

Nanny jobs follow the needs of the employers, which means she will do what you want her to do as long as the work fits the role. Following are what a nanny is expected to do:

Baby sitter

- Prepare meal (e.g. milk, drink, etc.)
- Take care of a newborn (nursing)
- Wake up at night to attend to a crying baby
- Look after a baby the whole day
- Wash and iron baby clothings
- Bath a baby

Toddler sitter

- Play with the toddler
- Teach the toddler simple lessons
- Care of toddler's meals and milk
- Take toddler to school, to bed, etc
- Guard toddler when being outdoors

Home chores like cleaning the kids' rooms etc. have to be agreed upfront otherwise nannies may not think it is their responsibility area.

Nanny salary

Nanny salary ranges from Rp 2.5 million (~US$ 175) to Rp 4.5 million (~US$ 320) a month. Monthly salary of an English speaking nanny starts from Rp3.0 million (~US$ 215). The nanny salary is already listed in her profile in most cases. You may negotiate on salary, but the chance is very small. You will also end up agreeing to increase their salary after the first three months of assignments. This is a common deal to keep the good nannies at work. In addition to paying the salaries, you will also have to provide their rooms, meals, and toiletries. This information is applicable to the live-in as well as the live-out nannies.

Live-in vs live-out nanny

Live-in nanny is the more common type of nanny in Jakarta. They live with you and you provide their room and board. You can also get live-out nannies in Jakarta. The deal is pretty straightforward, i.e. similar to that for common employees. If you hire live-out nannies, we suggest you also hire drivers. In case of emergency, for instance, the nannies fail to show up in the morning when you have to leave for work, you can ask the drivers to take your kids to the nearest daycare facilities.

Daycare vs live-in nanny

You may consider taking your children to daycare facilities and not hiring a nanny at all. The good thing about daycare is that you won't have to worry about non-performing nannies. The downside of it is concerned with, among others, health and privacy. There are many kids in the room where diseases can transmit from one person to another. One daycare instructor would look after a number of babies or toddlers, which means your kids will not get the full attention.

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