Our Products (Produk Kami)

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Enjoy the convenience of recruiting domestic workers with our services, as follows:

1. Membership | IDR 199,000

By becoming a member (register and log in), you can see phone numbers and full addresses of the agencies of all workers. Please contact them directly (by phone, email, visit) to interview or order workers. The registration process, fees (non-refundable) and full benefits are here.

2. Online Order | IDR 200,000 

If you do not want to be bothered becoming a member, please click "Order Now" in the profile of the worker that you are interested in. We will connect you with the relevant agency. If the worker is not available or you are not happy with him/her after the interview, you can change your order for up to 30 days. The fee is also refundable if you end up not recruiting anyone. See full terms.

3. Multiple Interviews | IDR 300,000

If the "Order Now" button for one choice is not enough, you may request to interview up to three workers at once. Of the three, you may hire one of them or the best. The fee is refundable if you end up not recruiting at all. Use this form to place an order.

4. Indent Service | IDR 300,000

Click Order on the top right to order workers who are not in stock on this site. Our specialists will find them for you. You can also order workers in advance (for example, you need a baby sitter 2 months from now according to the birth schedule). This service is available at a cost of IDR 300,000 / order. Indent service fees are refundable if we do not find the desired workers.

5. Escrow Service | IDR 200,000

Agencies usually require that you pay the administration fees before handing over the workers. To secure your money, make the payment to a "Joint Account" (escrow) that we will designate. We will return your money if the workers are not delivered. Employers and agencies are subject to the escrow fees of IDR 200,000 and IDR 100,000 (non-refundable), respectively, per worker. Order here. See more.

6. InstantReplace
™ | IDR 300,000

If you have already recruited workers and there is a replacement warranty in your agreement with the agency, then you don't need to worry even if there is no replacement from the agency when needed. With this service, you can get a replacement instantly from any agency on Pembantu.com. It costs IDR 300,000 / order (non-refundable). Order here. See more.