Tips for Safe Transactions

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tips has verified the identities and addresses of all member agencies (listing on this website). But that does not guarantee your transactions with them, especially with non-members, risk free. Here are some tips for safe transactions on

1. Avoid non-member agencies

If you are dealing with any of the non-member agencies, you really need to know their reputation. Instead, we monitor the reputation of our members. If there are delinquents, we will foster and if necessary remove them from

2. Interview workers 

Interview prospective workers before hiring them, either in person or via telephone. Ask their experience in detail to ensure that they are able to meet your needs. You also need to explain the condition of your home and their duties so that they are not surprised after coming to work. Do not recruit workers before interviewing them.

3. Use the escrow service

We recommend that you meet with the agency in person when making a payment. But if for whatever reasons you cannot meet him/her and must transact remotely, use the Escrow Service for security. With this service, employers and agencies agree to use a transit bank account owned by during the transaction.

4. Ask for a written contract

Ask for a written contract between you and the agency (and between you and the worker) to get your rights protected and to avoid undesirable events in the future. Oral agreements are inadequate because they are easy to refer back to only if they are in writing.

5. Check worker's SKCK

If the person concerned has brought a police record certificate (SKCK) showing a clean criminal record, then you know for sure that he or she has a good reputation. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to accompany him/her to obtain it at the nearest police station or the one near his/her domicile. Do this before or immediately after you recruit.

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