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By using this site or dealing with Pembantu.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. The term "Workers" refers to domestic workers, including house maids ("PRT"), baby sitters, toddler sitters, senior caregivers, gardeners, drivers, and so forth.

2. The term "Agencies" refers to companies, foundations or individuals who act as agents for distributing Workers, with or without licenses. Often agencies also refer to themselves as job training institutions (LPK) or "foundations".

3. Pembantu.com (also called "we" or "us" below) refers to the owner and management (including companies, shareholders, affiliated companies, directors, and employees) of the website on www.pembantu.com (also called "our site" or "this site" below) whose main role is connecting potential Employers and Agencies.

4. The term "you" refers to users of this website, whether they are transacting or not. "Employers" refers to the users of the Worker's services.

Relationship and Engagement

5. Use of this site, including the use of the services we offer therein, is subject to these Terms and Conditions. You agree to the entire contents of these Terms and Conditions and cannot use the excuse of not reading them.

6. You are willing to follow all applicable laws and regulations. If you violate these laws and regulations, you are willing to assume all risks and will not involve Pembantu.com in any legal issues you face.

7. The information we present on this site - and / or we submit via email, online chat and telephone when interacting with you because of the use of this site - is sourced from various parties not all of which we verify. You are responsible for checking the truth of the information yourself if you base your decision on it.

8. When supplying data to us or this site you ensure that all data is correct, truthful, and not fake. You also guarantee that you have full rights to the images that you upload to this site or send to us. Images and other data must not contain pornography, SARA (ethnic, religious, racial, intergroup) propaganda, or harassment of any party. We have the right to delete data, images and other files which in our opinion violate this article without the obligation to explain the reason to any party.

9. You are willing to provide proof of identity when we ask. We can do this at any time to encourage the trust in information displayed on our site. The collection, disclosure and use of your identity and other information is subject to the Privacy Policy.

10. When transacting (such as recruiting, making payments, receiving payments, making agreements, holding meetings, traveling, submitting documents, etc.) based on information and interactions via this site and / or with our staff, you accept and understand that all transactions are at your own will and risk. Pembantu.com will not serve any claim if there are parties who feel disadvantaged from the transactions. We are also not responsible for the safety of life and security of property.

11. We do not authorize others to do or convey anything on our behalf. Please contact us via the telephone listed on the Contact Us page if there is any unauthorized person representing Pembantu.com.

12. Certain information you can get via links from external websites. You understand that it is not our responsibility to ensure the truth or reliability of information on these sites.

13. Your payments are considered valid if we have received them in our bank accounts. The payments that we don't receive are not our responsibility. Payments in a foreign currency are calculated according to the prevailing exchange rates, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of these rates. By paying in the foreign currency, you are letting go and will not ask back any excess payment due to foreign exchange differences.

14. Your accounts and orders are personal, can only be used by yourself, and cannot be transferred to any other person or party for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to serve you if we know or suspect that someone else is using them or representing you.

15. We reserve the right to terminate or cancel our services (including blocking or deletion of accounts, deletion of data that you have entered into this site, etc.) at any time and to anyone at our discretion without our obligation to explain the reason to any party. If they are paid services, we will provide refunds for the services that have not been used or for their remaining periods.

16. We do not provide any refund except in the cases of the service terminations at our initiative as provided for in Article 15, cancellations of services or products specifically equipped with a "money back" guarantee as provided for in Article 25, and rejections of orders/ registrations as provided for in Article 31. The refund amount will be deducted by bank and other third party fees if any. Refund claims must be submitted via Contact Us form or email and include bank account data in your own name no later than 30 days since the order/ registration. In addition, the names on the accounts must match the order/ registration data. We are not obliged to pay claims that do not meet the requirements.

17. We will not compensate any party as a result of our site not functioning as you wish or as it should (offline, down, bugs, maintenance, corrupt, etc.), either in part or in full, temporarily or permanently. Our site is available as is (as available), without any warranty.

18. Use of a Joint Account (ESCROW) is subject to the Working Procedure and Conditions of a Joint Account.

19. The recruitment or use of services and distribution of each Worker must be accompanied by a written contract between the Employer and the Agency (or application letter that applies as an agreement) and a written contract between the Employer and Worker.

20. If you feel disadvantaged by the Employer, Agency and / or Worker, you should direct the complaint or claim only to the party that you think has violated the agreement referred to in Article 19 above. We will not be involved in disputes based on those contracts.

21. Members who violate these Terms and Conditions can be blocked (temporarily or permanently) from their accounts without prior notice and without our obligation to explain the suspension to any party. The ban is at our choice (not a requirement).

22. You release us from any claim for compensation from third parties arising in the event that you violate the law, these Terms and Conditions, or the rights of third parties.

Employers Only

23. Workers listed on this site are available based on data from their agencies. We do not guarantee that these workers will be available and willing to work for you. Other people can recruit them before you do. Workers also have the right to choose their employers as you have the right to choose Workers. If the worker you ordered is no longer available, you can replace him/her with another.

24. Your order via the "Order Now" button also applies as a request to the Agency. The supplier has the right to refuse to provide services after getting your order or identity.

25. Site services for Online Ordering and Indent Services are equipped with a money-back guarantee (refundable). If you are not pleased with the worker after the interview or the worker you ordered is not available for any reason, then you can replace him/her with another available worker. If no replacement is available, then we will provide a 100% refund for the site service fee that has been paid. The money-back guarantee is not applicable in the event that you have recruited the worker as a follow-up to the order that we process or the payment of the fee is made through an Agency. Other products may also come with a money-back guarantee on their own terms.

Agencies Only

26. Every part of the form that we provide to list Workers must be filled in with data that is intended for. Telephone numbers and contact data (such as e-mails, fax numbers and addresses) are only allowed on the part of the form intended for that purpose. Entering contact data in the "Short Paragraphs About Workers" or "Remarks" section is not permitted. Agency name may not be displayed in the Worker's photos, either.

27. You are required to adhere to listing guidelines that we may compile and change from time to time. If you violate this provision, then we may remove the listings and turn your accounts into a non-active status.

28. You are obliged to give our customers the opportunity to interview the workers that you list on this site free of charge. Interviews can be conducted face-to-face or remotely via communication tools.

29. If we forward orders for Workers that are still available and are being published on this site, then you are willing to hold those workers from being taken / recruited by other parties until you contact the Employers who placed the orders that we have forwarded. You have the right to reject the orders and hand the Workers over to your other customers after contacting the Employers.


30. If the Employer orders the InstantReplace™ service on Pembantu.com, then the following conditions apply:

1) Replacement of workers that meets the warranty provisions will be provided instantly (as soon as possible) as long as other workers are available on this site. The Employer will select a replacement worker from the former Agency's inventory first. If there is no substitute there, then the Employer can choose it from other Agencies on Pembantu.com.

2) The cost of taking replacement workers from the other Agency on Pembantu.com is borne by the former Agency as long as the costs (administration and transportation) are not greater than the administration fee already paid by the Employer. If there is a difference, the excess costs will be borne by the Employer, but the excess money will not be returned to the Employer.

3) The Agency concerned hereby authorizes Pembantu.com to facilitate the InstantReplace™ process including covering the costs of taking replacement workers. Warranty obligations of the former Agency void after he pays the bailout.

This Article 30 only applies to the replacement of workers taken through Pembantu.com's services (membership or online ordering) from Agencies whose accounts are currently active. See the List of Non-Active Agencies.

Our Obligations

31. Our obligation is to provide services as described on Our Products, Agency Membership and Advertise on Pembantu.com pages if you have ordered/ registered and paid their prices in full. We have the right to refuse any order/ registration without the obligation to explain the reason but with the obligation to return the money.

32. We are obliged to verify the identity and address of each Agency who uploads Worker data on this site in a way that we deem appropriate. We do not verify the identities of Employers and Workers.

33. We are obliged to maintain and protect the confidentiality of personal data, which we collect as a result of your interaction with us, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. Your privacy is our priority.

34. In the event that it is evident that we are in default (not fulfilling our obligations) and therefore you are directly harmed and the loss is not related to the transactions referred to in Article 10 above, then you can claim compensation from us for the direct loss of up to 3 (three) times the value of money you have paid us.

35. We are not responsible for the actions of Workers, Agencies and Employers that harm any party. These actions are the responsibility of the persons concerned. If you report a crime to the authorities, our obligation is limited to providing information we obtain from our interactions with you and other parties to the authorities.

36. Unless otherwise specified by applicable law, you understand and agree that we have no obligations other than those stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Document Text and Jurisdiction

37. The ruling Terms and Conditions are those in Indonesian and the last ones displayed on this site. We can change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Please check and read this page every time you will use this site.

38. These Terms and Conditions are subject to law in the Republic of Indonesia. Each of your complaints and claims against us or vice versa must be based on these Terms and Conditions. In the event of a dispute, the plaintiff can only bring the claim to the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) for processing according to BANI procedures and to be decided based on these Terms and Conditions. The arbitration decision is final and binding.


Updated on April 30, 2021

You are prohibited from using this site if you cannot agree to all of the Terms and Conditions above.